Thursday, November 8, 2007

November 5th Class Discussion

Monday during class, we discussed alot about the differences between Latin America and the US. During the discussion bribery was a big topic talked about. One of the quotes said was "Bribery is buisness" showing the dedication and dependence that people in Latin America show towards bribery. I have only been out of the country once, and that was to England, so therefore it is hard to me imagine such bribery being shown in an everyday setting. I find it amusing that in America, there are set prices for the most part, no bargaining goes on while shopping. While in Latin America, we talked about bargaining with the owner of a good that one desires for the price to go down. It seems that they would rather lower their price of a good and sell it than risk not selling it at all for the price they originally required. Bribery does not always consist of money in Latin America either, which almost usually comes to mind (at least to me). Bribes can be paid in many different sorts and favors, which shows that Latin America deals with alot of trust in contrast to Americans, which in my own opinion trust few (which isn't necessarily a bad thing). Another thing that we spoke about was Yellowstone Park and other 'National Parks' and whether they really were 'natural'. The class discussed how it really isn't natural considering many things are done in order for visitors to visit such as pathways and maintaing forest fires ect. I dont feel this is wrong to an extent. However I feel that is most of the wildlife and forests were maintainted by humans it would be wrong. I feel strongly that the amount should be limited.

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