Friday, November 2, 2007

Classroom Discussion

Today in class we talked alot about Nicaragua. I found it interesting to learn more about the way things are 'developed' there along with the way things are handled. It somewhat surprised me to see on google earth how undeveloped most areas in Nicaragua were, however it's not that I dislike that. I think that some of the world should be kept the way it is found instead of being developed with commercial things, houses, and so on much like the United States of America is. I remember Julio asking us how we think that Nicaragua should deal with different areas combining together as one and relating to that I think that all the different areas though spreadout should be handled as one whether they are getting along or not. Nicaragua is as a whole a country and I feel it should be treated this way. I find it interesting when talking about the wage that workers are paid in Nicaragua and how it differs significantly from the United States, I feel that often many times things like that are overlooked. For example, the talapia (spelling) farms that are run by people who are not native to Nicaragua due to money issues and people native to Nicaragua not having the amount of money it takes to run the buisness. Going along with the money idea in Nicaragua, one side is more heavily populated than the other due to the government not having enough money. This is a new idea for alot of us I feel because the United States is much more wealthy and alot of the issues dealt with there are not things that we need to deal with here. This discussioin made me think of a alot of comparisons between where we live and there.

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