Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bardic & Analytic Interpretations of the Columbian Voyages

In the first chapter of Crosby’s writing, I found it very interesting/surprising that there are two different and distinct interpretations of the Columbian Voyages. It is stated that the bardic version is the version that most of us grew up learning and hearing about. I find it odd, and a bit disappointing that through many years of education, I have been taught the more positive version of the story, leaving out any negative events. (For example: Columbus discovering the “New World” and the division made between the Europeans leaving out the effects that the arrival had on the native inhabitants.) The reading indicated that the bardic authors or historians focused more on heroism than anything else.
The newer version, or the analytical interpretations used different methods than pervious. I feel that all for the fact that it tries to understand and develop what kind of impact the arrival had on those native inhabitants whether it be positive or negative should explore this version more. (For example: the role that sickness and disease may have played on the original inhabitants.)Basically I believe that the newer version or view needs to be explored more than anything showing all aspects of the arrival. I was never really in complete agreement to Columbus and the praise the he receive(d).

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